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fashion designing bareilly
Fashion Designing bareilly

Fashion Designing

Fashion Design offers an ocean of opportunities and constant evolution which is precisely the reason why our 2-year (One Year Fast Track Advance Diploma option available) Fashion Designing course places emphasis on practical industry oriented training. This is an intensive course that is driven by a systematic technical approach that stresses on the detailed knowledge of the subject as gained from research and thematic work. In order to match the ever-changing medium of Fashion, the course conducted by us relies on tracking the evolving trends, norms and innovations of the Indian and International Fashion Industry and synchronizing our curriculum with it. A Diploma in Fashion Design from International Institute of Fashion Technology Bareilly is just the push you need to completely understand and make a name for yourself in the demanding yet rewarding field of Fashion Design.

Opportunities: The program prepares students to pursue careers as Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Fashion Consultant , Fashion Forecaster, Textile Designer, Computer Designer, Jewellery Desingner.

Courses Offered

  • M.B.A. in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • B.Sc in Fashion Design
  • M.Sc in Fashion Design
  • B.A. in Fashion Design
  • M.A. in Fashion Design


  • 2 Years
  • 1 Year
  • 3 Years
  • 2 Years
  • 3 Years
  • 2 Years


  • Degree in any discipline or equivalent
  • 10+2 /PUC/Equivalent
  • 10+2 /PUC/Equivalent
  • Degree in any discipline or equivalent
  • 10+2 /PUC/Equivalent
  • Degree in any discipline or equivalent

Master of Business Administration Fashion Design(MBAFD)

Semester 1

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBAFD-101         Principal of Practices of Management
  • MBAFD-102         Organizational Behaviour
  • MBAFD-103         Fashion Market and Merchandising
  • MBAFD-104         Indian Traditional Textile & Surface Ornamentation
  • MBAFD-105         Managerial Economics

Semester 2

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBAFD-201         Business Environment
  • MBAFD-202         Business Communication
  • MBAFD-203         Human Resource Management
  • MBAFD-204         Computer Aided Fashion Designing
  • MBAFD-205         Garment Production Management

Semester 3

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBAFD-301         Applied Operations Research
  • MBAFD-302         Corporate Legal Environment
  • MBAFD-303         Customer Relationaship Management
  • MBAFD-304         Apparel Manufacturing Technology
  • MBAFD-305         Fashion Forcasting & Range Development

Semester 4

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBAFD-101         Strategic Management
  • MBAFD-102         Project Evaluation & Implementation
  • MBAFD-103         Apparel Merchandising
  • MBAFD-104         Fashion Merchandising(Gloabal Markets)
  • MBAFD-105         Quality Control in Apparel

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design(BFD)

Semester 1

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • BFD-101         Colour & Texture
  • BFD-102         Drafting & Pattern Making
  • BFD-103         Introduction to Textiles
  • BFD-104         Fashion Sketching
  • BFD-105         Computer Fundamentals

Semester 2

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • BFD-201         Fabrics Studies
  • BFD-202         Traditional Indian Textiles
  • BFD-203         Fashion Illustration and Apprecation
  • BFD-204         Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • BFD-205         Practical

Semester 3

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • BFD-301         Fashion History
  • BFD-302         Textile Dyeing and Printing
  • BFD-303         Fashion Presentation
  • BFD-304         Advanced Drafting & Draping
  • BFD-305         Practical

Semester 4

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • BFD-401         Fashion Theory
  • BFD-402         Advanced Design Studies
  • BFD-403         Knitwear Design Technology
  • BFD-404         Practical

Semester 5

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • BFD-501         Fashion Industry
  • BFD-502         Leather Technology
  • BFD-503         Market Fashion
  • BFD-504         Volume Production & Quality Control
  • BFD-505         Art Application

Semester 6

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • BFD-601         Fashion Merchandising
  • BFD-602         Foreign Language (French)
  • BFD-603         International Marketing

Master of Science in Fashion Design(MFD)

Semester 1

  • Subject Code                      Subject Name
  • MFD-101         Textiles Studies I
  • MFD-102         Sketching & Fashion Illustration
  • MFD-103         History of Fashion
  • MFD-104         Computer Application I
  • MFD-105P       Drafting & Pattern Making, Practical

Semester 2

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MFD-201         Textiles Studies II
  • MFD-202         Inspirational Fashion
  • MFD-203         Knitting Technology
  • MFD-204P       Pattern Drafting, Graping & Construction - Practical
  • MFD-205         Computer Application- II,Practical

Semester 3

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MFD-301         Fashion Industry, Marketing & Management
  • MFD-302         Fashion Illustration and Appreciation
  • MFD-303         Garment Ornaments, Practical
  • MFD-304         Advanced Garment Construction Techniques, Practical
  • MFD-305         Computer Application - III, Practical

Semester 4

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MFD-401         Garment Production & Techniques
  • MFD-402         Design Collection
  • MFD-403         Survey & Project, Practical
  • MFD-404         Computer Application, Practical
  • MFD-405P       Enterpreneurship, Practical

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