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fashion designing bareilly
Fashion Designing bareilly

Fashion Designing

Two Years Professional Course in Fashion Designing.

The course covers technical aspects of garment design and offers link with the surrounding fashion industry. The course is apt for the students who are professionally aware, strongly creative and possess an ability to undertake managerial responsibilities in Design, Production and Selection.

The course emphasises on Production, Costing, Marketing and Presentation of Garments besides Fashion Designing. The student specializes in the study of various International Garment Markets (Design-wise) viz. U.K., France, U.S.A. etc. and also domestic market i.e. India besides giving training in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and learning of one additional foreign language.


  • 1.Sketching & Illustration (Women Et Men)
  • 2.Design-Idea and Fashion Co-ordination
  • 3.Basic Design & Color Theory
  • 4.Drafting & Pattern Layout
  • 5.Style Reading and Pattern Making
  • 6.Garment Construction
  • 7.Embroidery
  • 8.History of Fashion
  • 9.FD-Projects and Market-Survey
  • 10.Workshops and Seminars
  • 11.Range Development
  • 12.Fashion Management

  1. 13. Production Management
  2. 14. Quality Control
  3. 15. Apparel Merchandising
  4. 16. International Marketing
  5. 17. French
  6. 18. Textile Technology
  7. 19. Grading
  8. 20. Cad-Lectra Systems
  9. 21. Fashion Forecasting
  10. 22. Fashion Co-ordiantion
  11. 23. Draping
  12. 24. Portfolio Management

Fashion Designing bareilly

One Year Professional Course in Fashion Designing

The course is designed for students who wish to have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of Fashion Design in both design field and garment construction field. Computers and market survey are being an integral part of the course.

One Year Advanced Professional Course in Fashion Designing

The course has been designed for the students who have previous knowledge/possess Diploma in Fashion Designing or related fields. It covers advanced techniques of Sketching, Designing besides Production Management, Marketing Aspects, Garment Costing and Quality Control.


  • 1.Drafting & Patterns Layout
  • 2.Sketching
  • 3.Design Idea
  • 4.Embroidery
  • 5.Textile Science & Technology
  • 6.Fashion Management
  • 7.FD-Projects
  • 8.Range Development
  • 9.Fashion Forecasting
  • 10.Portfolio Management


  1. 1.Fashion Co-ordinator
  2. 2.Sampling Co-ordinator
  3. 3.Design Co-ordinator
  4. 4.Fashion Designer in Design House
  5. 5.Freelance Designer to Export Houses
  6. 6.Fashion Consultant to Retail Cos
  7. 7.Fashion Choreographer
  8. 8.Pattern Assistant
  9. 9.Illustrator
  10. 10.Faculty in a Fashion Institute
  11. 11.Entrepreneur of Garment Business
  12. 12.Boutique Business

Note : Diploma & Degree Courses are available.
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Fashion Designing bareilly

Clothig Management Division

Three Years Advance Professional Course in Clothing Management

The course has been designed to cover major aspects of Garment Business covering all the designing,production and marketingg details of Apparel Industry.In depth knowledge of all aspects of fashion design including mens wear,women wear & children wear.

The course covers sketching and illustration Techniques,Drafting,Fashion Coordination,Historical Aspects of Apparel Design,Textile Theory and Practical,Fashion Management,Production,Merchandising Principles,Economics,Factory Management,Garment manufacturing and Export-Import Management.

The course also includes teaching of foreign language-French besides market Surveys,Project Work and Industrial Training.

After passing out,student can be employed in Export Houses,Buying Houses or Manufacturing Concerns in Managerial posts.


  • 1.Sketching
  • 2.Quality Control
  • 3.Apparel Merchandising
  • 4.Business Economics
  • 5.International Marketing
  • 6.Stastistics
  • 7.Cad-Lectra systems
  • 8.Embroidery
  • 9.Creative Design Illustration
  • 10.Fashion Co-ordination
  • 11.Design Ideas
  • 12.French
  • 13.Basic Design
  • 14.Garment Construction
  • 15.Grading
  • 16.Draping
  • 17.Drafting & Pattern Layout
  • 18.Production Management
  • 19.Range Development
  • 20.Fashion Forecasting
  • 21.Textile Technology & Science
  • 22.History of Indian Textiles
  • 23.Fashion Management>
  • 24.Projects
  • 25.Workshops/Market Survey
  • 26.C.A.D


  1. 1. Fashion Co-ordinator
  2. 2. Sampling Co-ordinator
  3. 3. Design Co-ordinator
  4. 4. Fashion Designer
  5. 5. Freelance Designer/Botique Business
  6. 6. Fashion Consultant
  7. 7. Fashion Journalist
  8. 8. Fashion Coreographer
  9. 9. Cutting Assisant
  10. 10. Sketcher/Stylist
  11. 11. Costing and Producation Manager
  12. 12. Executive Trainees
  13. 13. Fashion Retailer
  14. 14. Export Manager
  15. 15. Merchandiser
  16. 16. Production Co-ordinator
  17. 17. Quality Control Supervisor

Note : Diploma & Degree Courses are available.
For more detail enquiry and for any kind of assistance you can call us on +91 9897493593.

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