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Master in Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is a terminal degree and a professional degree. Accreditation bodies specifically for MBA programs ensure consistency and quality of education. Business schools in many countries offer programs tailored to full-time, part-time, executive, and distance learning students, many with specialized concentrations. Programs may also include (coursework-based) training in the skills needed at senior levels of management: soft skills, such as (general) leadership and negotiation; hard skills, such as spreadsheets, project management and foreign languages; thinking skills such as innovation and creativity. Training in areas such as multiculturalism and corporate social responsibility is similarly included. Company visits (including overseas travel), and guest lectures or seminars with CEOs and management personalities may also be included.

Courses Offered

  • M.B.A.
  • M.B.A in Interior Design
  • Executive M.B.A.


  • 2 Year
  • 2 Years
  • 1 Years


  • Graduation/Equivalent
  • Graduation/Equivalent
  • Graduation with 3 years Work Experience or Diploma Holders(10+3) of a recognised Univ./State Tech. Board with 5 yrs Work Experience

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Semester 1

  • Subject Code                      Subject Name
  • EMBA-101         Principle of Management
  • EMBA-102         Managerial Economics
  • EMBA-103         Management Accounting
  • EMBA-104         Financial Management
  • EMBA-105       Marketing Management
  • EMBA-106       Human Resource Management
  • EMBA-107       Organizational Management
  • EMBA-108       Operations Management
  • EMBA-109       Legal Aspects of Business

Semester 2

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • EMBA-201         Strategy in Business
  • EMBA-202         International Business
  • EMBA-203         Leadership and Team Effecctiveness
  • EMBA-204P       Entrepreneurship
  • EMBA-205         MIS, Management Information Systems
  • EMBA-206       Sales Management
  • EMBA-207       Corpoarate Finance
  • EMBA-208       Service Marketing
  • EMBA-209P      Project Report
  • EMBA-210P      Project Viva Voce

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Semester 1

  • Subject Code                      Subject Name
  • MBA-101         Principle & Practices of Management
  • MBA-102         Organizational Behaviour
  • MBA-103         Accounting for Management
  • MBA-104         Quantitative Techniques
  • MBA-105         Managerial Economics
  • MBA-106P       Seminar on Executive Communication
  • MBA-107P       Workshop on Computers for Management

Semester 2

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBA-201         Business Environment
  • MBA-202         Production and Operations Management
  • MBA-203         Human Resource Management
  • MBA-204         Marketing Management
  • MBA-205         Financial Management
  • MBA-206P      Workshop on Research Methodology
  • MBA-207P      Workshop on Information Technology

Semester 3

  • Subject Code                      Subject Name
  • MBA-301         Applied Operations Research
  • MBA-302         Corporate Legal Environment
  • MBA-303         Elective I
  • MBA-304         Elective II
  • MBA-305         Elective III
  • MBA-306P       Seminar on Management Information Technology

Semester 4

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBA-401         Strategic Management
  • MBA-402         Project Evaluation & Management
  • MBA-403         Elective IV
  • MBA-404         Elective V
  • MBA-405         Elective VI
  • MBA-406P      Final Research Project & Viva-Voce


  • Subject Code                      Subject Name
  • MBA-303-1         Financial Services
  • MBA-304-1         Investment & Portfolio Management
  • MBA-305-1          Management of Financial Institutions
  • MBA-403-1         Working Capital Management
  • MBA-404-1         Capital Budgting
  • MBA-405-1       Management Control Systems


  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBA-303-2         Advertisement & Sales Management
  • MBA-304-2         Services Marketing
  • MBA-305-2         Consumer Behaviour
  • MBA-403-2         International Marketing
  • MBA-404-2         Rural Marketing
  • MBA-405-2      Product & Brands Management

Human Resource

  • Subject Code                      Subject Name
  • MBA-303-3         Organisation Development
  • MBA-304-3         Human Resource Development
  • MBA-305-3         Advanced Industrial Psychology
  • MBA-403-3         Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
  • MBA-404-3         Collective Bargaining & Wage Policy
  • MBA-405-3       International Human Resource Management

Information Technology

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBA-303-4         Programming in C/C++
  • MBA-304-4         Database Management Systems
  • MBA-305-4         Software Engineering
  • MBA-403-4         Advanced Decision Support Systems
  • MBA-404-4        Computer Network & Internet
  • MBA-405-4      E- Commerce & IT Enabled Services

Master of Business Administration Interior Design(MBAID)

Semester 1

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBAID-101         Management and Organizational Behaviour
  • MBAID-102         Managerial Economics
  • MBAID-103         Customer Relationship Management
  • MBAID-104         Communication Skills and Report Writing
  • MBAID-105         Foundation to Design Basic Drawing

Semester 2

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBAID-201         Accounting for Managers
  • MBAID-202         Computer Applications in Management
  • MBAID-203         Research Methodology
  • MBAID-204         Building Materials and Elements
  • MBAID-205         Auto CAD Study of Residential , Interiors,
                                   Commercial Interiors

Semester 3

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBAID-301         HRM
  • MBAID-302         Entrepeneurship Development
  • MBAID-303         Business Law
  • MBAID-304         Interior Space Planning Services in Building
  • MBAID-305         Estimation and Costing

Semester 4

  • Subject Code                     Subject Name
  • MBAID-101         International Business
  • MBAID-102         Professional Practice
  • MBAID-103         Tenders and Contracts
  • MBAID-104         Project Management
  • MBAID-105         Project Works

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